Kevin The Black Rock Chicken

Below is a painting I'm currently working on of Kevin the black rock chicken. Kevin is actually female (obviously a confused chicken.) I'm aiming to keep the colours vibrant to contrast with the solid areas of black.


E Stings 2011

I collaborated with talented animator Michael Blackman to create an E Sting for this year's E4 competition.

Below are some stills from the animation titled Raspberry Nipple!

Check out Mike's blog post here!


"Leaves On The Line"

What do you do with a pile of train tickets? I'll tell you what, you make models of trains!

I'm creating a short animation based on the frustration of commuters; "leaves on the line" being a common reason for delays.

I have started to create a train track using the reverse side of tickets as a base, and building up strips of tickets to represent sleepers.

I might go for a slightly abstract approach for the "leaves" on the line, and incorporate the cut-outs and patterns created by stamped tickets.

I have started to create basic cubes to form train carriages, which I will continue to add more detail. However, I may go for a simple shape to complement the busy surface pattern of the tickets.

(FYI- I am not a trainspotter, so apologies for any inaccuracy in train representation.)



I am revisiting an old project. Here are some initial sketches for set design ideas.