Smile For London

Smile For London are turning the screens on the Underground into a digital playground.

The Brief: Create a twenty second piece of animation, moving image or film for the digital screens with the ultimate aim of inspiring, exciting or amusing Londoners as they make their way into work. We want you to really push the boundaries of this exciting and underexploited medium. Keep the message positive, inoffensive and remember commuters are looking foran escape from their Tube journey.

Oh, and there's no audio.

My idea is based on the embarrassment of getting dressed in the dark. We've all been there and put our pants on the wrong way in the morning (which, if corrected is supposedly unlucky!). So I am exploring the idea of horrendous clothes combinations, in a humorous fashion (no pun intended).

Below are some tests for hand drawn typography, as there will be no audio, I am aiming to create an impact with a simple bold statement or question.

Below are some line drawings which I have coloured digitally, showing the style and tone of the animation. Think superman style; underwear over outerwear, combined with a selection of clothes and accessories traditionally worn by children and of the opposite gender. So, plenty of clashing patterns, prints and colours.


Model Tests

I've been a bit M.I.A on the blog front since setting this up! Hopefully posts will be appearing more frequently in the future! Below are some model tests for the E Stings Competition. The plan is to create miniature seasonal scenes out of paper and card...

Below are some more models, thankfully there's not a fan on my desk!


The Lost Levels, Deadlight

Music video for the BBC music video festival 2010.

Directed and Produced by Jack Stewart
Animation by Mike Blackman, Matt Roe, Jo Elliott



Digital drawings

Test animation in After Effects


Eye Test

Painted eyes multiplied in After Effects


Work stills


Life Drawing

Swimmer Painting