Life Drawing #3


Life Drawing #2


Life Drawing #1

Just got back into life drawing after a very long break! I'll be posting weekly to see progress.


Prince Charming

No I'm not talking about the hit single for Adam and the Ants...I'm currently working on a painting for an exhibition inspired by fairy tales at Camden gallery in September. Here's a few work in progress snaps below.



I've recently been working as a Colourist on MEnU, a short film by Michael Blackman. I really enjoyed working with the Director to create a muted colour palette for this film. 

MEnU will be screened at Cambridge Film Festival as part of Life Distorted (ShortFusion) on Thursday 19 September 17:00 and Saturday 28 September 23:00.

MEnU from michael blackman on Vimeo.


Kevin The Black Rock Chicken

Below is a painting I'm currently working on of Kevin the black rock chicken. Kevin is actually female (obviously a confused chicken.) I'm aiming to keep the colours vibrant to contrast with the solid areas of black.


E Stings 2011

I collaborated with talented animator Michael Blackman to create an E Sting for this year's E4 competition.

Below are some stills from the animation titled Raspberry Nipple!

Check out Mike's blog post here!